Malaria Course in Tanzania: A Four-Week Postgraduate Course on Malaria Prevention, Control & Elimination

The objectives of the course are to build capacity by reinforcing knowledge and expertise of persons involved in the care of patients, in control programmes or in research activities in the field of malaria and to improve skills in time management, presenting and writing research proposals. At the end of the course, the participants should be able to manage malaria issues more effectively and to develop basic training courses and material in their home institutions.

Structure of the course
The course is offered by Swiss TPH in collaboration with the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), Bagamoyo Branch and its duration is 4 weeks. The structure is modular and the course is taught using blended-learning approach. Each module lasts one week (5 days). Every Monday, the participants receive questions related to the topic of the week. Under the mentorship of the facilitators and in collaboration with their peers using literature search (internet), the participants complete their assignments and give a presentation to the entire group on Friday. In addition to the self-directed, peer-to-peer learning, the module includes lectures (one per day) and educational visits (one per week). The study time for the 4 weeks is 200 hours of preparational and on-site learning.

International and national experts from affected and non-affected countries selected for their area of expertise, teaching skills and willingness to be deeply involved in the learning process.

Level: Postgraduate
Programme: Certificate of Attendance
Language: English

Due to the current worldwide increase of COVID-19 cases, the Malaria Course has been postponed. New course dates will be communicated.

Location: Bagamoyo and Zanzibar, Tanzania