Suicide Prevention - Evaluation of Suicide Prevention Projects

In collaboration with HETS-FR (Haute école de travail sociale Fribourg), Swiss TPH was mandated by Health Promotion Switzerland (Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz, GFCH) with the external evaluation of five new suicide prevention projects. The five projects are aligned with the action plan on suicide prevention, which was published by the Federal Office for Public Health and other stakeholders in 2016 outlining ten objectives to reduce suicides and suicide attempts. The projects pursue the common long-term goals of reducing suicides and suicide attempts in their catchment area, decreasing the number of rehospitalizations and improving quality of life of patients and their families. Three projects build on the successful “ASSIP” (Attempted Suicide Short Intervention Program) programme, but focus on different target groups. The other two projects apply new measures. The projects intervene at the critical time point between inpatient and outpatient treatment. Their activities address medical and non-medical staff as well as patients and their families by using modern tools to promote the interconnectedness of all parties involved and support patients’ self-management.
The external evaluation will examine each project separately in addition to an overall evaluation comparing activities, outputs, outcomes and impact. Qualitative and quantitative data collected through structured interviews and focus group discussions will complement various governmental and health care data sources.

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