MIS Malawi - Malawi Malaria Indicator Survey Quality Assurance Services

Malaria indicator surveys are an important source of data on disease burden (parasite prevalence, fever prevalence, etc), and coverage of malaria prevention and case management interventions, particularly in high and moderate transmission settings. The quality of evidence generated through such surveys is critical as the results of the survey will inform policy and programmatic decisions. The objective of this mandate of Global Fund was to assess the extent to which the Malawi malaria indicator survey 2021 activities were planned, coordinated, and executed according to the standard international guidelines and protocols; and that the team organization and validation processes put in place ensure reliability and acceptability of the survey data. QA will ensure that the survey activities are carried out according to the standard guidelines and follow standard field operational procedures, so the outcome of the survey will be reliable and acceptable.


Dr. Luis Segura, MD, MSc
Project Leader


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