Mapping Study on Influenza Prevention Measures

The mapping study is being conducted as part of the National Strategy for the Prevention of Seasonal Influenza (GRIPS) 2015-2018. The target groups of the influenza prevention measures are people with an increased risk of complications of influenza. These are persons over the age of 65, persons with chronic illnesses, pregnant women and premature babies, patients in nursing homes and persons who regularly have contact with persons at increased risk of complications in the family or in their private or professional life.

The aim of the mapping study is to create a Swiss-wide inventory of the seasonal influenza prevention activities among the target groups. Cantons and active institutions and organizations were included.

More than one hundred structured telephone interviews were conducted with relevant stakeholders in all cantons. In addition, complementary documents were evaluated.

The results will serve influenza prevention actors, such as public health authorities, institutions and health professionals to select and optimize interventions. The final report will be published in mid- 2018 in German.

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