COVAX Rollout Cameroon - Monitoring Agent Services for COVAX Rollout in Cameroon

The COVAX Facility (COVAX) is a global risk sharing mechanism of pooled procurement and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. COVAX provides a global solution to the equitable distribution of vaccines to the 190 participating countries and economies. The COVAX Advance Market Commitment (“AMC”) is an innovative financing instrument that supports the participation of the 92 low and lower-middle income economies in COVAX. Guided by the WHO fair allocation framework, COVAX will equitably distribute doses to help protect the most at-risk groups. Gavi is working with Alliance partners UNICEF and WHO to ensure that the infrastructure is in place, and the technical support available, for Covid-19 vaccines to be safely delivered to all those who need them. Gavi places high emphasis on transparency and accountability, driven by the Transparency and Accountability Policy. Gavi has a duty to steward the COVAX facility in an appropriately robust manner and is accountable to a range of stakeholders. Gavi is not an implementing agency and therefore the model relies on receipt of credible assurance of events and activities taking place in the participating economies as planned and which ultimately provide assurance that overall objectives and strategies are being delivered. 

Gavi contracted Swiss TPH as an independent Monitoring Agent (MA) to verify the quality and implementation of programmatic, supply chain and fiduciary controls and reporting during the different phases of the vaccine rollout in Cameroon. The role of the Monitoring Agent is to provide third-party specific monitoring, validation, and verification services in support of Gavi’s financial and programmatic oversight objectives. The Monitoring Agent will provide reporting directly to Gavi Secretariat, Gavi Alliance partners, and the Ministry of Health (MoH). The objective is not to replace the controls and assurance systems employed by the country and partners, but rather to complement their roles.  The Monitoring Agent does not substitute for, or perform the work of, the staff of the MoH.


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