Technical Assistance on Development of Quality Improvement Action Plan for the National TB Program in Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, an estimated 7800 people fell ill with active TB in 2022. In terms of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), Tajikistan belongs to the 27 countries with the highest burden (globally).

To optimise the use of the available funds and other resources, UNDP, the Global Fund Principal Recipient in Tajikistan, has requested Swiss TPH to develop an Action Plan in close collaboration with the NTP. The Action Plan is to focus on three areas (i) increasing the TB case detection rate; (ii) shortening the delay (time span) between diagnosis of TB (with a special emphasis on drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) and treatment enrolment; and improving the quality of the NTP data management. This is in the context of various recently updated WHO recommendations and various health information system tools related to TB care that have been implemented or are currently being implemented in Tajikistan.

The task included a country visit to Tajikistan, together with two local consultants. The compiled Action Plan was sent to the national TB Programme (NTP) of Tajikistan in October 2023 and is currently being reviewed and hopefully endorsed by the NTP.


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