Dr. Clara Champagne

Clara Champagne is an infectious disease modeller with a background in applied mathematics and statistics.

She works in the Analytics and Intervention Modelling group to provide country specific modelling support for decision making on malaria interventions.

Her recent work includes the use of a model with human movement to represent malaria dynamics in Haiti, optimisation models for community health worker geographical placement and P. vivax modelling, with applications in Central America and South-East Asia. She has also participated in the modelling work supporting malaria control programmes within the HBHI and Subnational Tailoring initiatives.

Complete publication list available on Google Scholar.


  • PhD in Applied mathematics, Paris Saclay University, France 2018
  • Master in Public Health, Paris Sud University, France 2015
  • Statistician-Economist diploma, ENSAE Paristech, France 2015

Champagne C, Gerhards M, Lana J, Espinosa B.G, Bradley C, Gonzalez O, Cohen J.M, Le Menach A, White M.T, Pothin E. Using observed incidence to calibrate the transmission level of a mathematical model for Plasmodium vivax dynamics including case management and importation. Math Biosci. 2022;343:108750. DOI: 10.1016/j.mbs.2021.108750

Champagne C, Rajkumar A.S, Auxila P, Perrone G, Plötz M, Young A, Bazaz Jazayeri S, Napier H.G, Le Menach A, Battle K, Amratia P, Cameron E, Alfred J.-P, Deslouches Y.-G, Pothin E. Improving access to care and community health in Haiti with optimized community health worker placement. PLoS Glob Public Health. 2022;2(5):e0000167. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgph.0000167