Martin Raab, MSc, MPH

Project Leader

Senior Public Health Specialist (MPH)

Martin Raab, MSc, MPH Health Technology and eHealth Planner, Scientific Collaborator, Project Manager and eHealth coordinator.

Martin Raab is the acting head of the Health Technology and Telemedicine Unit (HTTU) of the Swiss Centre for International Health (SCIH). He has 25 years of extensive international working experience in health systems development and capacity building in the Middle East and in various Eastern European countries.

 He had recently been the managing director of a large scale health project in the Ukraine and in Egypt. In both projects, health informatics applications and eHealth strategy settings were main fields of work.  He is also the acting lead coordinator for the institutes eHealth programme.

He is further involved in postgraduate teaching assignments on eHealth at the University of Basel and the Ticino University.

 The Health Technology and Telemedicine Unit is involved in various mandates to design and implement eHealth applications in Switzerland as well as in low and middle income countries. The HTTU is a WHO Collaborating Centre on eHealth and Health Technology Management.

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