Foundations of International Health Management (FIHM)

This course provides participants with an overview of the building blocks of international health and focuses on topical issues confronting managers in the field. Participants will gain a basic understanding of health systems in an ever-changing globalised world; changes that undoubtedly have an impact on the cultural, environmental, social, economic and behavioural factors that affect health. Participants will have the chance to analyse some of these changes and assess their implications for specific areas of work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. They will do this by working with case studies in diverse teams, reflecting on the application of relevant concepts and techniques in a given environment, and enhancing their skills in applying a systems approach to selected health topics.

Course Structure MBA and Short Courses in International Health Management

The course starts with a distance based preparation phase and is followed by a face-to-face week. The post phase is finished when the final assignment has been handed in.

At the end of the course, participants will have gained an introduction to the complex interactions between international/global health issues and the role of management in influencing those interactions. They will have reflected on the concept of health systems thinking and will be able to critically consider strategies for working in collaborative and pragmatic ways to achieve international health goals within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Participants are assessed during both, the distance-based and on-campus phases of the courses, through individual and team assignments, professional presentations, quizzes or short tests, reflective papers and proposed projects.

At a Glance

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