Health and Safety Committee

Work at Swiss TPH is associated with particular dangers and risks, including information (technology) risks, the use of hazardous biological or chemical agents and travelling to fragile and conflict-affected countries. Swiss TPH is highly committed to protecting the personal integrity, health and safety of its personnel and the environment.

The Swiss TPH health and safety committee is a managerial committee in the areas of security, environmental protection, occupational safety and health protection and is directly attached to the directorate. The committee proposes and implements preventive measures related to security, safety and health protection. It is also a point of contact for employees and students for all matters relating to health and safety at work.

Marco Tamborrini

HSSE Commissioner

Igor Niederwieser

Chemical safety officer

Fabien Haas

Dangerous goods officer

Alexander Knup

Travel safety officer

Iris Haueter

Personal insurances

Malin Ziehmer

Chief Information Security Officer

Andreas Neumayr Institute physician