Master of Business Administration in
International Health Management

Now accepting applications for 2019

Swiss TPH’s part-time MBA in International Health Management is designed for working professionals who seek to acquire and deepen skills in both international health and management/administration. The MBA in International Health Management combines best practice with the latest research in global health to prepare participants for careers as decision makers in international health settings.

Our internationally recognized faculty share current experiences and expertise from the field with students, who in turn work with real-life case studies and examples to put knowledge into practice. In this way, students acquire the critical-thinking, organizational, communication and technical know-how needed to work in and across health systems to achieve equitable results.

Level: Postgraduate
Programme: MAS
Language: English

Course Facts

On going

Location: Basel

Application Deadlines:
15 February for April start date
15 June for August start date

Development cooperation and economic determinants are in a constant state of flux and health systems worldwide are struggling to keep up. As health systems become more complex and costly, additional demands are placed on health workers at all levels. In this context, strong managers and leaders are needed to ensure sustainable and equitable health systems that can respond to current and future health needs. Indeed, the lack of managerial capacity at all levels of the health system is increasingly cited as a binding constraint to progress towards providing quality health services and achieving international health and development goals.

Managerial Capacities and Practical Skills

Swiss TPH's MBA in International Health Management seeks to create a new generation of managers and leaders capable of navigating these complexities, those who have solid knowledge of and practical skills in public health, health economics, business administration and management and who are able to work in multicultural and transdisciplinary settings.

Going Beyond Classical Programmes

The MBA in International Health Management offers a unique opportunity for professionals with a variety of skill sets. The modular programme goes beyond classical MBA programmes in healthcare by maintaining a global perspective and interdisciplinary approach throughout, and by emphasizing meso- and macro-level leadership positions.

Experienced Lecturers

The long-standing experience and expertise of Swiss TPH in international collaboration in research, training and service provision guarantees a high-quality learning experience, based on empirical and practical evidence. Lecturers and facilitators in the MBA in International Health Management not only have sound scientific backgrounds, but also practical expert knowledge. In addition to Swiss TPH staff, national and international experts and institutions from the public and private sphere participate in planning and implementing modules.