AA-HIA-Training - Training on Anglo American's Social Way "Community Health and Safety Management"

Anglo American PLC is one of the world's largest mining companies with ten thousands of employees worldwide. Anglo American is aware of its impacts on stakeholders, especially also communities, they operate in. The Social Way 3.0, adapted in 2020, defines the Anglo American's governing framework for social performance and sets out clear requirements for all Anglo American-managed sites across the lifecycle to ensure that policies and systems are in place to: engage with affected and interested stakeholders; avoid, prevent, and, where appropriate, mitigate and remediate adverse impacts. The Social Way 3.0 requirement 4C "Community Health and Safety Management" deals with community health impacts and risks, and is applying the health impact assessment (HIA) approach.

The HIA experts of the Swiss TPH are developping and delivering condensed (3 hours) and comprehensive (3 days) trainings to Anglo American staff worldwide in English, Spanish and Portuguese. HIA is a process which systematically judges the potential, and sometimes unintended, effects of a development initiative (such as a mining project) on the health of a population and the distribution of those effects within the population. HIA generates the evidence for appropriate actions to avoid or mitigate health risks and promote health opportunities. HIA guides the establishment of a framework for monitoring and evaluating changes in health as part of performance management and sustainable development.

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