Activities, booths and games for all ages invite you to explore and marvel at the world of global health. Join in! Activities, including the camel walk, run continuously from 10:00-16:00. Most activities are held in German. However, our numerous multilingual staff will be happy to answer your questions.

Outdoor area
One Health: People, Animals and the Environment* 
Hands4Health: Clean Hands, Sustainably*
Screen Printing: Design your own T-shirt*/**
Bloodsuckers in Sight: What Is New in Mosquito Research?*/**
Parasite Pummel: Topple the Invaders*/**
Become a Parasite Hunter: Can You Find All the Worms?*
Fumes, Noise and Pollen: When the Environment Makes You Sick*
Ground floor
Swiss TPH Shop
Photobooth */**
Swiss TPH Cinema: A Glimpse Into Our Work and History **
Parasite Circus*/**
Pathogen Expedition: Journey through Swiss TPH's Diagnostics
80 Years of Swiss TPH: A Glimpse into the Past
Clinical Research: Bringing a Drug to Market**
Healthy Travel: Malaria, Rabies and Yellow Fever
Stuffed Animal Hospital: Making Your Furry Friend Healthy Again*
1st floor
Insights into Clinical Research: A Look Behind the Data
Creepy Canvas: Painting the Longest Tapeworm
Harnessing Digital Health for Early Childhood Development
Disease Detectives: Investigating an Outbreak**
Malaria Maze: Navigating the Impenetrable Mosquito Net*/**
From the Wild to Paper: Comic Creation with Fizzi**
Arts & Crafts: Unleashing Creativity in the Animal Workshop*


2nd floor
Laboratory Tour: Behind-the-Scenes*/**
Legionella: Hidden in Plain Sight
Interactive Sketching: Improve the Healthcare System**
Environment and Health: Research with Long-term Studies and Biobanks
- Pulse of the People
- Active Children*/**
Fighting the Silent Killer: Advancements in Tuberculosis Research
School Lab: Pipetting, Microscopy and DNA Extraction*/**
3rd floor
The Price is Right: What is the Cost of Health? **
Diversity and Sustainability at Swiss TPH
Our Open House Sponsors
Bazaar: Beautiful Things from All over the World
4th floor
Global Café: R. Geigy Foundation
Working at Swiss TPH
Studying at Swiss TPH: Programmes and Courses**
Office Tour: Behind-the-Scenes*/**
Scratch Studio: Playful Programming**
Swiss TPH: At Home All Over the World


*suitable for kids

**suitable for teenagers