openIMIS Implementation - Expanding the knowledge base and increasing implementations

As more countries strive for Universal Health Coverage and Universal Social Protection, the number of interested and engaged stakeholders increases, adding to the organizational complexity of healthcare systems. The openIMIS (Opensource Insurance Management Information System) Initiative presents an Information and Communications Technology solutions for managing complex (small or large) operations of such schmes. Being a flexible system, it allows for consideration and adaptation to the range of needed requirements presented by insurers (and potentially other social protection programme managers), technologists and eHealth/Governance experts, especially relating to interoperability, modularity and technology choice.
The overall goal of the openIMIS Initiative is “to contribute to the gradual inclusion of hitherto excluded populations into social health protection schemes by improving the schemes' data and information management capacities through the use of openIMIS”. The broader Initiative seeks to create and nourish the relevant communities to establish openIMIS as a Global Good for Digital Health.
Under this project, knowledge is provided on openIMIS to improve capacity within (and outside) the openIMIS community to implement openIMIS, improve the quality of the released openIMIS product and support the expansion to new implementation sites through feasibility studies. Our team will generate new knowledge with which the existing openIMIS Implementation starter kit, costing tools, training materials and other resources on the knowledge base of openIMIS (the openIMIS Wiki, website, github repository, etc.) will be enhanced. Our team will provide inputs and facilitate discussions in the openIMIS community to further enhance knowledge of community members, undertake Master trainings and develop other knowledge products through a consultative process. Our team will also develop in a consultative manner a functional roadmap for the openIMIS products (new functionalities including beyond health financing schemes). Contents and formats of the global implementation support will shape and convey the spirit of an engaging openIMIS community and its capacity building measures that are geared towards enhancement of the openIMIS software, widened use and increased implementation cases.

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