PhD in Epidemiology, Public Health and Insurance Medicine

University of Basel students pursuing a PhD in epidemiology, public health or insurance medicine have the option of doing so through either the Faculty of Sciences or the Faculty of Medicine. The choice usually depends on the faculty affiliation of the main supervisor(s) and the specific topic of the thesis. The faculties have similar regulations, the details of which are provided in the Student Handbook.

The Interdisciplinary PhD in Epidemiology ('Fakultätsübergreifendes Promotionsfach Epidemiologie') is open to students from a variety of backgrounds, namely biology, medicine, medical biology, microbiology, molecular biology, infection biology, parasitology, environmental sciences, medical anthropology, medical sociology, pharmacy and pharmacology, and health economics. The programme is described in detail in the specific rules and regulations for PhD study ('Wegleitung für fakultätsübergreifende Promotionsfächer') available at the faculty's webpage. Note that this regulation is currently under revision.

Students who seek to complete a PhD in epidemiology, public health or insurance medicine supervised by members of the Faculty of Medicine or in an area more specifically rooted in medicine (e.g. clinical epidemiology), may consider the PhD in Epidemiology/Public Health/Insurance Medicine. More information about this option is available on the PhD Program in Health Sciences website.

Registration in the PPHS is open to PhD students in any of the following subject areas: epidemiology, public health, insurance medicine, clinical research, drug development, sport sciences, and nursing science, as well as all PhD students from the Science Faculty at Swiss TPH. All PhD students pursuing public health relevant topics are eligible for the SSPH+ Inter-University Graduate Campus, if their first supervisor is a faculty member.