International Health Management (MBA-IHM)

Two female participants; the woman on the right is dark-skinned and talking, the women on the right is light-skinned and listening

Strong managers and leaders are needed to ensure sustainable and equitable health systems that can respond to current and future health needs. The MBA in International Health Management programme seeks to create a new generation of managers and leaders, building on their various skills sets and personalities in order to equip them for independent meso- and macro-level leadership positions by maintaining a global perspective and interdisciplinary approach to health. The MBA in International Health Management is taught in a blended-learning format (face-to-face 1/4, distance-based 3/4).

This part-time and flexible study programme caters to the needs of working professionals. More than 75% of all learning takes place at a distance, giving students the opportunity to learn and progress at their own pace. All courses adopt a blended learning approach, offering the advantages of both self-directed and face-to-face phases. Participants benefit from a wide range of learning methods designed to achieve the best possible individual learning experience: lectures, seminars, case studies, group work, pre-recorded videos, self-directed learning with feedback from lecturers and/or the course coordinator as well as practical exercises.

During the preparation phase course materials are accessed via our Learning Management Platform at the participants’ own pace with guidance from course coordinators and facilitators.

The preparation phase is followed by a hybrid face-to-face week at the Swiss TPH headquarters. Active participation (online or in person) is expected from 9:00-17:00 CE(S)T. At least one facilitator is always on site and in-person teaching is prioritized whenever possible, although in exceptional circumstances facilitators may join online. Online spaces for participation is limited. These spaces are allocated based on student need (i.e. travel restrictions, etc.).

Learning outcomes are consolidated during the post phase with a final assignment that is introduced during the hybrid face-to-face week. This phase is self directed and guided via our Learning Management Platform. The post phase is finished when the final assignment has been handed in.

The graphic explains the course structure of Swiss TPH's MBA and short courses in International Health Management, which consists of a 4-week preparation phase, a 5 days face-to-face phase and an 8 weeks post phase.
The graphic explains the course structure of Swiss TPH's MBA and short courses in International Health Management, which consists of a 4-week preparation phase, a 5 days face-to-face phase and an 8 weeks post phase.

At a Glance

Online Information Session

The full tuition fee for the MBA programme is CHF 31,500. We do not ask students to pay this amount up front, rather, we adopt a pay-as-you-go approach, whereby you only pay for courses as you register for them. Fees for the courses have to be paid in advance to gain access to the online learning materials.

Tuition fees do not cover insurance, travel expenses or personal living costs incurred during your stay in Basel.  Most courses are CHF 2,450 each, while the Practice Oriented Project (CHF 3,000) and Master thesis (CHF 4,000) are more.

Scholarships: Neither offered by the institute nor the University of Basel.

“Thanks to the Master of Business Administration in International Health Management at Swiss TPH, I have learned a lot about global health, management and about myself. Whatever comes now, I feel ready and confident to tackle the challenges in my new occupation as the head branch manager at Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania.”

Frederick Masanja

Current Branch Leader at IHI Tanzania (Lawyer)

“I have grown so much when I was doing the MBA. I have learned on how to manage different resources including financial and human. Moreover, I have improved my management and leadership skills. As a director of health I can clearly see the application of this course to my position and my daily routines. I sincerely thank Swiss TPH and University of Basel for this great opportunity for my country, my institution and myself.”

Dr. med. Ntuli A. Kapologwe

Current Director of Health at President's Office-Regional Administration and Local Government in Tanzania (Medical Doctor)

“Studying the MBA in International Health Management at the Swiss TPH was one of my most enjoyable educational experiences so far. I thoroughly enjoyed the rich interactions, diversity in experience and understanding we had on the course, coupled with a stimulating environment created by the lecturers who were always available to give guidance. I am glad for the broad multifaceted global view to health management and leadership which I gained.”

Susie Amadasun

Current Organisational Change Management Lead (Consultant) at Roche in Switzerland (Business Management)

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