Thousands of Visitors Attended Swiss TPH Open House in Allschwil - The Former "Tropeli" Celebrates its 80th Anniversary


On Saturday 17 June 2023, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) welcomed a large number of visitors to its new headquarters in Allschwil, Switzerland. About 6,000 visitors from the region gathered at the BaselLink site for the Open House event, which coincided with the institute’s 80th anniversary celebrations.

The Swiss TPH Open House offered people of all ages a unique insight into the world of global health. With lectures, activities and games, Swiss TPH scientists and experts showed visitors how the institute conducts research and improves health worldwide.

The event also marked the 80th anniversary of Swiss TPH. Visitors had the chance to explore the historical exhibition, which traces the institute's evolution from the Basel "Tropeli" to becoming the largest public health institute in Switzerland.

Over 40 activities offer an insight into global health

Visitors had the opportunity to conduct experiments in the teaching laboratory, discover parasites under the microscope and learn how infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis are combated. Visitors could also explore the impact of environmental factors such as noise and air pollution on chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

Two camels symbolically represented the theme of 'One Health,' highlighting the interplay between humans, animals, and the environment in disease prevention. In addition, a special exhibit featuring a stuffed animal hospital showcased how digital tools can facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of children in refugee camps. Furthermore, guests had the chance to become disease detectives in a workshop where they could investigate a disease outbreak. 

Insightful lectures from top scientists and experts

There were 20 scientific lectures on topics such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the population of Basel, the development of drugs for neglected tropical diseases, or how to maintain healthcare in war zones.

80 years of Swiss TPH

The Swiss Tropical Institute was founded 80 years ago on Socinstrasse in Basel. Since then, it has grown continuously and in 2009 became known as the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH). Today, Swiss TPH is active in 120 countries with 950 staff and students. Its mission has remained the same since 1943: to improve the health of people worldwide.

New Swiss TPH headquarters

The inauguration of the new Swiss TPH headquarters "Belo Horizonte" took place on 1 April 2022. The multi-functional building, designed by Basel-based architects Kunz and Mösch, offers 725 modern workstations and 150 laboratory spaces. The staff and students of Swiss TPH were previously spread over seven buildings around Socinstrasse in Basel. In the new building, they now work, research and study together under one roof. The Swiss TPH's Centre for Tropical and Travel Medicine will remain in the city of Basel.

Swiss TPH’s new building was financed by the two Basel cantons, the Swiss Confederation, Swiss TPH’s own funds and the R. Geigy Foundation. The total costs were CHF 127 million including investments for the interior. “Belo Horizonte” was constructed under building lease as a building of the University of Basel, with which Swiss TPH is associated. The construction project was completed on time and on budget.

Sabina Beatrice-Matter

Sabina Beatrice-Matter

Head of Communications, Head of Unit

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