Obituary: Prof. Dr. Niklaus A. Weiss and Camilla Weiss


It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our former Vice Director, researcher, esteemed teacher and mentor Niklaus A. Weiss and his wife Camilla Weiss. We have lost two committed individuals, revered colleagues and dear friends.

Niklaus A. Weiss (1944- 2020) and his wife Camilla Weiss (1939-2020) will be remembered as revered colleagues and dear friends.

Niklaus Weiss developed and shaped the research on immune parasitology and especially neglected helminth diseases at Swiss TPH. His commitment for improved health of the poorest population groups led him to Iran, Liberia, Madagascar, Mali, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea. Together with partners from science and industry, he dedicated himself to the search for new diagnostics, immunotherapies and vaccines against diseases of poverty. As former Vice Director of Swiss TPH and as a university lecturer and mentor, he has left a lasting legacy at Swiss TPH and future generations of scientists.

We are infinitely grateful to Niklaus Weiss and his wife Camilla Weiss and express our deepest condolences to all their families.

Marcel Tanner

Marcel Tanner, Professor, PhD, Epidemiologist, MPH