Urban Population Health Initiative

Novartis Foundation is developing a strategy focusing on the health of urban populations. The aim is comprehensively improved prevention and care to sustainably reduce and prevent morbidity and mortality. Initial focus is on cardio-vascular health while other non-communicable conditions such as cancer or diabetes may also be included. The main lever to achieve impact is through targeted health system-level modifications, particularly in the area of data with a focus on relevance (minimal essential data), quality (consistency, internal and external validity), availability, timeliness and local use for evidence-based decision making. The approach includes close collaboration with city health authorities and Ministries of Health, as appropriate, as well as collaboration with an on-the-ground implementation partner.

Swiss TPH acts as data and evaluation partner to first define a global evaluation framework, identify data gaps and ensure consistent and high-quality in-country monitoring and evaluation to demonstrate feasibility and impact of urban chronic disease risk reduction efforts, and support data driven decision making for sustainability through knowledge sharing and collaborative planning. Swiss TPH also develops a cardiovascular disease simulator to support decision makers in the prioritization of investments and reforming health service provision. The mandate also includes data management and dissemination through scientific communication platforms (e.g. publications, conference presentations, policy briefs). Building on first results, implementation research needs shall be identified and protocols developed. Last, qualitative and quantitative economic evaluations of specific interventions are performed to develop business cases and promote long-term uptake of innovations. 

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