Kaspar Wyss, Professor, PhD, MPH

Head of Department

Public Health Specialist and Epidemiologist

Swiss Centre for International Health

 Kaspar Wyss, PhD, is a Public Health Specialist, Professor and Head of Department of the Swiss Centre for International Health, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. Kaspar Wyss has strong management and leadership experience and is in charge of a team of over 50 staff in Basel focusing on health systems development primarily in low- and middle income countries.

Activities relate to both research and health system strengthening and performance assessment, with a specific interest in the role and importance of human resources for health and primary care. He directs a number of research and implementation projects in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia among else the Horizon 2020 program “Strengthening management at district level to support the achievement of Universal Health Coverage (PERFORM2scale).

He holds extensive consultancy experiences for a broad range of clients such as the World Bank, the Swiss Agency for Development or the German GiZ and KfW.

For the University of Basel and other universities he teaches on health systems. Kaspar Wyss acts further as supervisor for several PhD and MSc students.

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