Bachelor and Master

In association with the University of Basel, Swiss TPH offers courses for the Bachelor's degree in Biology and Medicine. The courses and degree programmes are offered in German - the official teaching language of the University of Basel - thus, prospective undergraduate students must be proficient in both written and spoken German.

The bachelor programmes are organised by the faculty of science and the faculty of medicine, respectively.

There are no public health oriented bachelor offers at the University of Basel nor the other Swiss universities. However, University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur - ZHAW - offers a Bachelor in Prevention and Health Promotion.

Swiss TPH offers a number of specialised MSc programmes, in line with the Bologna Education System. Consistent with Swiss TPH’s philosophy, the programmes cover topics in global public health at all levels — locally, nationally and internationally — and in multiple contexts — from the bench to the field to the beds of patients and into the communities and environments in which people live. Hence, we encourage and promote cross-communication between the different Master programmes.