MBA in International Health Management

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Swiss TPH’s part-time MBA in International Health Management trains future leaders and managers who want to work in multicultural and transdisciplinary settings.

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Winter Symposium 2018

One Health for Humans and Animals - How Do We Get Zoonoses under Control?

Basel, 6-7 December 2018

More than 60% of human infectious diseases have an animal origin. Join us to explore, learn and share with international zoonoses research experts on the causes and responses to animal-human transmission.

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Annual Report 2017

Improving people’s health internationally and nationally through excellence in research, teaching  and training, and services.

Swiss TPH effectively pursues this mandate day after day and produces measurable results, outputs and impact.

It is our pleasure to present the Swiss TPH Annual Report 2017.


Health Care and Management: From Research to Implementation

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The Health Care and Management (HCM) course provides participants with the core competencies for understanding and reacting to health challenges at a world-leading institute in global health.

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HIV Testing at Home

Home-based HIV testing and prompt treatment with antiretroviral therapy increases the number of patients under treatment as well as treatment success.

This is the key result of a clinical trial in Lesotho carried out by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, in collaboration with SolidarMed and the Government of Lesotho.

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New Understanding of Parasite Biology

Researchers at Swiss TPH made an important step toward deeper understanding of how malaria blood stage parasites turn the switch to become transmissible to other humans. The results were published on Friday 16 March 2018 in the multidisciplinary journal Science.

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25.07 11:15 to 12:00

7 years in Vietnam

Lecturer: Dr Marcel Wolbers, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, PDB Biostatistics, Methods, Collaboration, and Outreach (MCO) group, Basel, Switzerland
Location: Swiss TPH, Kilimanjaro

06.08 12:00 to 13:30

From Sustainable Development to the SDGs

Lecturer: Piet van Eeuwijk
Location: Swiss TPH, Matterhorn
Event category: Swiss TPH Seminars

19.07.2018 - 12:48:17

Nicole Probst-Hensch wird Senatsmitglied der SAMW

Nicole Probst-Hensch, Leiterin des Departements Epidemiology and Public Health am Swiss TPH, wurde aufgrund ihrer aussergewöhnlichen wissenschaftlichen Leistungen in der Medizin... More...

19.07.2018 - 00:01:00

Mobile Phone Radiation may Affect Memory Performance in Adolescents

Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields may have adverse effects on the development of memory performance of specific brain regions exposed during mobile phone use. These are the... More...

29.06.2018 - 15:09:58

Improving Adolescent Health in the Great Lakes Region

A conference on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) was held in Kigali, Rwanda on 28-29 June to foster dialogue and reinforce partnership on SRHR of... More...

21.06.2018 - 13:56:31

Claudia Daubenberger Appointed Professor at the University of Basel

The University of Basel appointed Claudia Daubenberger, Head of Clinical Immunology at Swiss TPH, as professor of Infection Biology and Immunology within the Faculty of Science. More...