SYSTAC European Hub

Welcome to the European hub of SYSTAC, the Systems Thinking Accelerator, led by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and the University of Geneva.

Systems thinking is a powerful approach and set of tools for improving health and well-being and strengthening health systems. However, the use of systems thinking remains limited in research, policy, and practice, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). SYSTAC is supported and funded by the WHO Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research.

SYSTAC is a global community of practice for systems thinking researchers, policymakers, and implementers to engage, connect, and collaborate to improve health and well-being. It seeks to be a platform for systems thinking science and practice in health policy and systems research, a community to strengthen systems thinking capacity, and an amplifier to promote and advocate for applied systems thinking in implementation and policymaking in LMICs.

The European region of the global SYSTAC network seeks to be a hub for Europe-based systems thinkers who are working inside Europe or in LMICs. The European hub is open to systems thinkers in research, policy, and practice. Our focal areas include:

  • Health systems resilience
  • Systems thinking for health systems strengthening
  • Systems thinking in fragile and conflict-affected settings

The European hub aims to arrange regional activities that build capacity, support collaboration and practice, link members to resources and promote systems thinking for health. Our activities are member-driven, your suggestions and support are welcome.

You can also read more about SYSTAC Global on their website and request an invitation to join the global network.

Carmen Sant Fruchtman, Co-Leader

Carmen Sant Fruchtman is a scientific collaborator at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland. Her research interests include the adaptation of systems thinking tools for practical use, as well as redesigning health systems to leave no one behind. Learn more

Dr Daniel Cobos, Co-Leader

Dr Daniel Cobos is a physician and a health system researcher affiliated with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute with a focus on the application of systems thinking tools and methods to unpack the inherent complexity of public health challenges. Learn more

Anna Duchenko, Co-Leader

Anna Duchenko is a health system researcher with an interest in health reforms and implementation science. She is based at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel. Learn more

Professor Karl Blanchet, Co-Leader

Professor Blanchet is an experienced health systems researcher in humanitarian and conflict-affected settings. He is a leading expert in systems thinking research for health systems strengthening. He is based at the Geneva Centre for Humanitarian Studies in Switzerland. Learn more

Dr Dell Salnier, PhD, Co-Leader

Dr Saulnier is a global health researcher working in public health and health systems in disasters. Her work focuses on health systems resilience to disasters in low- and middle-income countries. She is based at Lund University in Sweden. Learn more