Swiss TPH - PhD Survey

Doctoral students make a significant contribution to the scientific project and publication activities of the Swiss TPH. In order to further develop and continuously improve the working conditions for doctoral students, the Swiss TPH has chosen the excellence concept in doctoral training. This includes three phases with the following repeated four steps described for Phase 1:

  1. Interview doctoral students about current working conditions and areas for improvement (PhD survey 2021, October 2021)
  2. Analyze results and identify areas of improvement in an internal ET working group (December 2021)
  3. Initiate and implement evidence-based improvement projects (2022-2023)
  4. Validate the improvements over a two-year cycle by running the same PhD survey (Autumn 2023)

The performance of PhD survey 2023 is also the start of Phase 2 (2023-2025). The PhD survey with 3 completed phases is an integral part for the planned EFQM application in 2025. After completion of the improvement project, the performance indicators flow into the Swiss TPH management steering cockpit.


Marco Waser

Marco Waser, PhD, MAS Quality Leadership
Quality Development Officer, Scientific Project Leader


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