SC Health in Detention

The one-week course in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) gives health professionals the information, methods and tools needed to analyse and address health and human rights issues affecting people in detention. The course covers topics such as detainee health, health systems, control of communicable and non-communicable diseases and ethical issues that arise when providing healthcare services to populations in detention. It also provides an overview of the main legal instruments, professional codes and declarations designed to protect the rights of prisoners, detainees and patients. This course is open to participants working in the field of health in detention, nationally or internationally, and uses a multi-disciplinary approach to bring together academics and clinical, public health and legal experts.


At a Glance

Total course fee: CHF 1,200 (payable 4 weeks before the course starts).  For students registered as a tropEd Master  student at a tropEd home institution, the course fee is CHF 900.–.

This  sum  includes the registration fee of CHF 100.–, which is due at the moment of  acceptance to reserve a place. If a participant does not attend the course,  the registration fee cannot be reimbursed. If cancellation is less than  4 weeks before beginning of the course an additional fee of CHF 300.–  will be charged.