Africon - African contributions to global health: Circulating knowledge and innovations

This Sinergia project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation focuses on African contributions to global health by examining knowledge, practices or applications that were designed for improving healthcare in Africa but that have become – or have the potential to become – relevant to questions of health globally. Our collaborative research linking public health (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute), urban planning (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL) and African history (University of Basel) is empirically grounded and advances interdisciplinary research by bridging the gap between the different academic cultures of the humanities, the sciences and application-oriented research.

Our collaboration will be facilitated through regular workshops and conferences and includes project partners at different African institutions. We aim to make our results accessible to scholars, students, public health experts, administrators and the public through different forms of publication, conferences and teaching activities.


Jürg Utzinger

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