TDR SORT IT Model - Undertake an analysis of needs and opportunities and develop a technical assistance plan to integrate the SORT IT model within Global Fund grants in seleceted countries

Swiss TPH collaborates with TDR/WHO to create a document for the beneficiaries of Global Fund grants to guide them in the incorporation of operational/implementation research into their healthcare systems. This project requires the involvement of different stakeholders such as beneficiaries, TDR, WHO/CDS, and Global Fund to build on the existing partnerships while identifying additional areas of synergy, which will ensure buy-in of the analysis process and the final product among all stakeholders. 

The expected output is the incorporation of Operational/Implementation Research programs in national strategic plans and in GF applications among the selected high disease burden countries receiving GF grants.


Salvador Camacho

Dr. Salvador Camacho, Dr. sc. hum. PH, MscIH, MBA
Technical Expert


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